Monday 3 December 2018

Lay Broonies

French native speakers really struggle with 'ow' in English. They tend to pronounce it like the French 'ou', which sounds, more or less, like the 'oo' of 'soon'. So brownies, which are very popular here, is pronounced 'broonee'. There is no French word for brownies -- they've adopted the American English word for these delicious squidgy chocolate squares, spelling it the same, but pronouncing it completely differently.

Artisanal hazelnut butter.

I've been working on recipes to use the locally manufactured hazelnut butter made by La Berrinoise and sold by La Croisée des Terroirs at the Saturday market in Preuilly. Chocolate hazelnut broonies seemed like a possibility and in a recent Clandestine Cake Club newsletter there was just the recipe.

 The brownies straight out of the oven.

Substituting the Berrinoise Praliné Noisettes makes a great alternative version of this recipe and it was easy and successful.


chm said...

Not being a chocolate fan - and brownies -due to a health problem as a todler, I think I'd love your "noisetties".

Susan said...

They do have chocolate in them as well. Chocolate and hazelnut is a perfect combo for me.

Jean said...

The broonies look delicious.

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