Tuesday 11 December 2018

The Davos 2019 SwissAlpine H20

We have mentioned before that we're doing the excecise thing in order to do an event in Davos. I've been keeping my eye on the website, and at the weekend was delighted to see the route for next year has been released.

It is 20km, starting in Davos at 1533 metres above sea level, and topping out at 2571 metres. The climbing starts at 6.35km, and then it's one long uphill slog of 5.3km, climbing 948 metres at an average gradient of 18.6%. Once we're at the top though, its downhill all the way. (If all the previous was a bit too technical,: it starts slowly, there's a thumping big climb in the middle, then we go back to where we started.)

The uphill starts in the gap in the trees on the right.

You can see the path zig-zagging up the hill in the centre of the photo.
Later we will be walking along the ridge on the left.

We are doing our training on roads. I'm not sure that's ideal preparation
 for this track, which we will be on just below the peak

Talking of training: last week we managed less than 10km of walking, and 1200 metres of swimming. A combination of stuff got in our way.

If anyone wants to join us in our stroll through the alps, more info is here.

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