Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Creamy Aged Goats Cheese

When we visited our favourite cheesemaker in late November he was in full Christmas production mode. One of his premium products is a positively evil looking creamy goats cheese (top left) in the Selles sur Cher disc style.

 A selection of cheeses in the boutique at Fromagerie Moreau.

The Fromagerie Moreau, owned by Jean-Luc Bilien, is based in Pontlevoy and sells almost all of its output to speciality cheese shops in Paris. His clients and their customers are sophisticated and educated. They know that the evil looking creamy goats cheese he produces is in fact delicious.

 Jean-Luc turning the creamy aged cheeses that will be ready for the holidays.

Initially I was really skeptical. I've had goats cheese achieve this look in my fridge if I've kept it for a bit long. It isn't delicious, but slimey and lactic. However, the secret is in controlling the atmosphere where the cheese is aged and carefully turning each cheese every couple of days. Jean-Luc's cheese may look off-putting, but trust me, you should try it. The flavour is not overly powerful, especially if you compare it to a 100 day aged cheese, which is hard and peppery. By contrast, the texture is smooth and unctuous, with complex savoury flavours.

Jean-Luc hosting a tasting session with some of our clients (this is Jordan from New York).

Tomorrow we'll be calling in to buy one of the special cheeses to take to our annual foie gras workshop lunch.


sillygirl said...

I would pounce on that cheese! It looks completely delicious to me!

chm said...

Wow! I'd love to taste that creamy goat cheese. When in Paris, the first thing I buy on arrival is a Selles-sur-Cher goat cheese. Goat cheese and Comté, are my two favorite cheeses.

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