Monday, 10 December 2018

Herby Nuts

A pan of nuts waiting to be roasted.

I'm working through the bumper walnut crop and recently made this recipe from Simply Recipes, using half homegrown walnuts and half almonds. Not bad, although to be honest the herbs didn't add much. Next time I'll up the salt and spices and ditch the herbs. Despite the comment in the original recipe about consuming as soon as they are ready, we found that they were nice the next day unheated too.

Glazed, seasoned and ready to eat.


melinda said...

i have tried so many nut recipes....i always underestimate the amount of seasonings ...

Susan said...

Nuts can take a surprising amount of salt, sugar and spices, can't they?!

Diane said...

I have masses of hazel nuts, great for the oat biscuits. Cheers Diane

Susan said...

Great! So Nigel is happy?!

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

As "Christmas approached, the town became gorgeous".
Christmas song flows, and a roadside tree is displayed with gorgeous neon.
I am excited just to walk the town. "

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