Sunday, 9 December 2018

Little Corellas

Corellas are a type of cockatoo, three species of which occur in Australia. This one, the Little Corella Cacatua sanguinia, is by far the most abundant and visible because of its presence in urban areas. You can encounter them anywhere except thick forest, from the arid inland deserts to the coast. They like lawns, playing fields and crops (where they are a pest). Congregating in flocks, sometimes numbering hundreds of birds, they roost communally in trees overnight then fly out some distance to feed together on seeds. Depending on where they live they may also fly long distances twice a day to water. They are noisy, gregarious and clownish. In the past they were popular caged birds (although if you owned one in town your neighbours hated you and your bird).


lejardindelucie said...

Pour nous Européens pas habitués du tout à voir des perroquets dans la nature, c'est toujours un spectacle qui nous enchantent!

Susan said...

Me too, and even when I lived there, they are attractive enough that you still take notice.

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