Saturday 29 December 2018

Hotel Restaurant Calancasca, Grono

Entering the village of Grono.

On our way home from Switzerland we came over the Alps and ended up in Grono at lunchtime. The first restaurant we encountered looked like our style so we stopped. The menu of the day was veal chops, which we were happy to eat, followed by icecream. Grono is in the Italian speaking area of Switzerland, but what I didn't expect was that our charming young waitress only spoke Italian -- no English, no French, no German. My Italian is extremely rudimentary, but we got on OK and had a good cheap lunch. It further turned out that there was a much smarter restaurant with a vine covered terrace out the front further along in the village, but we were happy with our choice and undoubtedly got away with a much cheaper lunch than the other restaurant offered.

Restaurant decor, including Alpine Ibex hunting trophy (not antique, but from 1977!).
For another interior view, see Simon's post about the cagnomatic.

The Hotel Restaurant Calancasca, with our lovely waitress in black (standing, centre).

The terrace out the back of the hotel.


Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Good evening! !
It is 9:30 PM on 30th Japan time now.
It is the custom of Japan's year end.
In the year end, we say “Yoi otoshi wo” to each other wishing for the coming
year to be pleasurable.
The New Year season is the most significant season for the Japanese.
All the Christmas décor is switched to the New Year’s in a blink.
Major New Year icons are the pine tree, bamboo, plums and so on. All of them are symbols of good fortune and longevity.

Susan said...

Happy New Year to you too.

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