Wednesday, 10 August 2016

More Chenonceau Views

More Chenonceau views from July. You just can't have enough photos of Chenonceau in the sun in my opinion. It is glorious.


  1. What I like about Chenonceau, it is never boring!

  2. I quite agree that you can't have too many photos of Chenonceau. Every time we cycle along the path on the other side of the Cher, I take more photos!

  3. A visit there is on my bucket list.
    I have a mirror very like the one in your second picture, but I'm pretty sure it's provenance isn't as grand as Chenonceau.

    1. Well, there's no saying where this mirror came from originally. Like most objects in Chenonceau I would assume it was purchased in the 20C by the Menier family as set dressing for the chateau, but it may have been installed by a previous owner in the 19C.