Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Guess Where We've Been...

We were working out and about a couple of months ago and I saw the Google StreetView car. So guess where Claudette was, and for an extra bonus point... where's Simon!?

Answer please on the back of a £5 note.

(The trick here is to work out which car park this is, find Claudette on Streetview, and then find Simon. He was wearing his hat.)


  1. Surely you mean a 5€ note... despite the exchange rate, it'd cost too much to go back and bank them all...
    Anyhowz, I'm currently feeling broker than normal...
    so here's my twopennuth...
    Claudette is in a carpark...
    and you are either taking a "comfort stop"....
    or curled up asleep on the back seat!

  2. Actually it looks like that rotten car park at you, Simon, are either buying fresh veg from the dispenser...or are further up the road getting one of "those" icecreams!!

  3. Since I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, my answer could be written on a one eurocent coin, and there will be plenty of space left!

  4. No idea where you are... BUT Very well done!!! Elizabeths brother in law has been in the garden the last twice the care has gone past and you can see my mum in the window on her road.

  5. Have you intentionally fuzzed up the photo? Even with my supersight I can't see Simon anywhere and that little sign on the left is unreadable. As we visit most châteaux by bike, we are not very familiar with the car parks. It could actually be anywhere in the world!