Saturday, 6 August 2016

Decorative Duckweed

I was vastly amused and full of admiration for the ever brilliant florists at Chenonceau when I noticed that they have taken to using duckweed to float orchids in. In the spirit of as far as possible sourcing everything used in the floral displays from the chateau estate, I imagine that they have gone out and scooped up a supply of duckweed from one of the canals which run through the park. The first display I saw was done in clear shallow flat bowls at different heights and placed on the desk in the library with purple Phalaenopsis orchids floating in a layer of duckweed. A couple of weeks ago it was this arrangement above, in a steel wok like dish, set on a tree stump in Louise of Lorraine's bedroom.

Further reading: The Royal Horticultural Society's page about Duckweed.


And while we are on the subject of Chenonceau....... Simon was here


Our French Oasis said...

I shall have a new respect for Duckweed! I am forever running the net around our pond removing it.

Susan said...

I know. I thought it was an extremely clever use of an otherwise disregarded or despised plant.

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