Wednesday 20 April 2016

A Prickly Customer

On Monday Célestine was due to go back to the mechanic to investigate various noises and clunks. When we came out of the house to head off I noticed a small Hedgehog (Fr. hérisson) skulking in the driveway. It tried to pretend it wasn't there and I took some photos of it.

Then I put on some gloves and moved it to behind the barn so it was at no risk of being run over. It was a bit frightened of us but didn't seem to be injured so I left it to sort itself out. It poked about under the steps of the barn then in the vegetation. By the time we returned from dropping Célestine off at the mechanic's the hedgehog had disappeared.


Stuart said...

What a great find. And you didn't have to drive him around Touraine to visit wineries.

Susan said...

Very true. I think hedgehogs are more beer drinkers anyway.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We have had two sightings on our wildlife camera this last week or so.

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