Sunday 13 September 2015

Wild Roadside Grevillea

A lovely Grevillea sp growing wild by the side of the road in the Northern Territory.
A la cuisine hier: Chocolate Pear Cream Pots, with local raw cultured cream and homegrown pears cooked in white wine from Quincy. Served in little ceramic yoghurt pots with a sponge finger. You don't need much.
Smoked herring, puréed and mixed with cream cheese and chopped parsley to make a delicious spread for wraps, sandwiches or tartines.
Grilled beef rib with a tian of ratatouille vegetables. I was going to make regular ratatouille but Ken's blog gave me a better idea.

Loire Valley Nature: A new entry for Peach-leaved Bellflower Campanula persicifolia has been added. This lovely flower is rarely seen in the wild although you may be familiar with it in the garden.

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chm said...

I mix sardines with cream cheese. I'll try with smoked herrings, but first I'll let them soak in milk to soften for twenty four hours.

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