Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Special Day

Monday was a special day for me: for the first time we used both Célestine and Claudette for work.

It was a great opportunity for me to be reminded what owning two classic cars actually looks like - because we usually have one at home and one in the garage near Tours my mind is usually more occupied with matters of logistics rather than aesthetics.

Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo of a epic view I glimpsed - the view of Célestine in Claudette's rear view mirror, driving in bright sunlight away from a extremely threatening storm cloud -  so instead, a photo of the two ladies at repose in Chenonceau's car park.


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    1. Sorry... you haven't got a "like" button....

    2. And I also think you should get a couple of LVTT Logo penants made...
      wouldn't 'arf look smart!

  2. I am growing very jealous of you glaoting over have two grand old ladies. I'm keeping my eye open for a 2CV now.

    1. Don't suppose there are many Ami8 for sale in Aus (just had a look, and I was right!)

  3. Lovely pic of the two old ladies. What am I saying? They are round about my age !! ;0)