Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Decision Time

Last Sunday was the last day of swimming for the year - the pool will now be shut until June 2016. This is one of the notable dates of the year, along with lighting the fire for the first time, the first BBQ, and the flights of the cranes.

This year my thoughts have turned to retirement - not for me, but for my beach towel. I know where I bought my beach towel (Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne), and because I have only been to Melbourne for any length of time once and I know what else was happening that day, I also know when it was.

This is what was happening that day, so I know I have had my beach towel for over 30 years. That is more an indication of how often I care to visit the beach - I wouldn't be surprised if the towel has never seen the sea - than anything else.

Still - a bloke needs a beach towel even if he doesn't do beaches except from a bar with a view, so I may have to see what else is living in my wallet besides moths.


  1. A new towel after thirty years...
    can you still buy such good, long lasting quality?
    You can spend up to 30€s...
    and it will only cost you a Euro a year...
    and, at that longevity, you'll probably only have to buy one more after that!!

    The most difficult bit will be choosing the right design....
    loud but understated I think for you, Simon?!

    As Ford Prefect would tell you....
    you need the peanuts as well!!


    1. And, thank you for getting the day of to a swinging start with that link!
      Don't they look young!!!!

  2. Simon... There is lots of wear left in the old towel as long as it is not full of holes!!! It will last another 30.