Monday 3 March 2014

The Nature of March in the Touraine Loire Valley

Sunrise will be about 7.30am, sunset around 18.45pm. The average minimum and maximum temperatures are on the rise now, with a range of about 5° - 15°C.  The hours of sunshine should hit around 150.

The cowslips, violets and grape hyacinths will be flowering in the grass. The cranes will be flying overhead.

The lovely and unusual Snakeshead Fritillary Fritillaria meleagris will be flowering in the Vienne, Indre and Claise Valleys. I predict a good year for this rare flower, as they like the wet conditions we've been having. Check out a water meadow, bocage or ditch near you.
The Green Frogs will probably start mating early, since temperatures have been mild. Check out your ditches and ponds.
 Male European Orchard Bees will emerge and stake out likely looking nest holes hoping to mate with females the moment they hatch. This one is on our back door.


Tim said...

I think we may have had the cranes for this year, all in one day. P

Leon Sims said...

Great pics

Susan said...

PG: is the crane migration website showing they've all come through?

Leon: Thanks!

Tim said...

Susan, there are still some below us....
but whether or not they are the ones that pass over here?????
But, at't'moment I should think that the remainder are hunkered down!!

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