Saturday 29 March 2014

Eco-sculpture Walk

 Snorkelling and scuba diving is popular and encouraged in this sheltered bay, although divers are reminded not to collect or disturb marine creatures by moving rocks, or even to feed them. 

These charming cast stainless steel sculptures by Tim Johnman are scattered along the length of the beachside walk to Cabbage Tree Bay from Manly in Sydney. They represent the special creatures present in the aquatic reserve here.

Gloomy Octopus (yes, that's really what they are called) are commonly encountered amongst the rocks underwater, but conservationists are concerned about the impact of habit disturbance and human interference on their numbers.

I assume the little sculptures are held on by large spikes driven into the rock and some mighty glue to prevent them being nicked.

 One of the largest colonies of Weedy Seadragons on the New South Wales coast is in Cabbage Tree Bay. They are a  protected species, threatened by damage to the seagrass habitat that they live in.

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Tim said...

Just got back from an LPO Refuges do in Villandry...
great fun, but it means that we are coming at these posts direct.

Love these sculptures...
especially the seahorses!

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