Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Metal Mantis and Dragonfly

 In mid-December we had a wander around the picturesque village of Chaumussay, something we haven't done for a while. I came across two extremely well executed sculptures in metal, one of a praying mantis and one of a dragonfly. I don't know how long they have been up, or who the artist is. They are just around the corner from one another and both on private houses. Any information would be received with interest.
Amboise: Yesterday we passed a very pleasant afternoon at Les Fleurons with Tim and Carolyn. They live, and run a B&B, directly under the northern face of the chateau of Amboise, and we took the opportunity to visit the chateau before we called in on them.


  1. Lovely B & B and sculptures!

  2. Love the dragonfly... Someone has patience welding those nuts together to form the eyes. C

  3. I don't think it is Sam Lee's work...
    it doesn't seem his style!
    But he is Chaum's resident sculptor!

    There was a dinosaur at "Artylard"...
    either 2011 or 2012...
    that was in the style of the mantis...
    but I can't remember the name of the artist.
    The styles of these are so different, that they may well be by different artists!

    They are wonderful tho'!!

  4. Which species of dragonfly?
    The wing venation is pretty clear...

  5. Tim: your reaction is the same as mine. I don't think it looks like Sam Lee's work, despite the location, and I feel like I've seen that mantis somewhere before.

  6. Les deux sculptures qui sont sur notre maison familiale ont été réalisées par Alain Brouard, mon frère qui est sculpteur en Bretagne, à Trebeurden.

  7. M.mobrouard: je vous remercie pour les renseignements! Je suis ravie à savoir.