Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jerusalem Artichokes and Leeks

If your aged neighbour gives you (f)artichokes and leeks, my advice is to make fartichoke boulangere. If you are not familiar with dishes cooked à la boulangère, this link gives you a recipe.

Any leftovers should be mashed or puréed and mixed with some creamy blue cheese, such as fourme d'Ambert, then more stock added until you have the consistency of a soup. Heat and ladle into bowls. Yum!
A la cuisine hier: Simon made a fougasse topped with olives, onion, bacon and cheese and we served it with my carottes rapées and lettuce.

Roast baby onions, cooked in their skins and super easy to prepare.


  1. I don't think I'll come near for the next few days!!

  2. I've only just noticed that you have written about those two dangerous veg...
    and then mentioned "fougasse" on the next line...
    what with Ken's post about poppies and yours, we can have the "Battle of the Somme" recreated anyday now...