Saturday, 25 January 2014

The General Post Office, Sydney

I am sick of all this horrid business, of politics and Europe in general, and think you will hear some day of my going with the children to live in Australia, and to think of Europe as of the moon -- Queen Victoria, in her journal, May 1860, as a reflection on turning 41 years old.

The young colony would have been delighted, I am sure, as this expression of imperial might and beneficence on the 1866 GPO building in Sydney shows.


Sheila said...

Well, 154 years later and her
complaint is still apropos. Can't
think of any havens though.

Tim said...

That's one heck of a sculpture! The Victorians knew how to do a good lion, and they used some durable stone here (not like Leeds Town Hall Lions, a year younger, in Portland Stone). There is a story that the Leeds lions come alive at midnight but if the clock strikes thirteen they will rampage through Leeds killing its inhabitants. Anything like that in Sydney?

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