Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sydney Tram Rosettes

 These rosettes on the walls of buildings in central Sydney are one of the few visible remains of the extensive tram network that operated until 1961. The rosettes are brackets for fastening cables to. The cables crossed the street and supported the electrical wire that provided power to the trams' overhead pickup arms.

A la cuisine hier: Mushroom Stroganoff, served with lentils.

Roasted cauliflower, one of the trendy ideas from 2013.


Liselle said...

Dammit! Where are these rosettes!?

Susan said...

Liselle: Just round the corner from your office I seem to remember. I'll ask Simon and get back to you about street name and building.

Simon said...

Liselle - There is one on the Virgin store next door (assuming they are still there), and the top photo is the one over the entrance to Dymocks (across the road).

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