Thursday, 2 January 2014

Galette des rois, à peu près

 Ready to make quick flaky pastry.

Now, I know that this is stepping dangerously into Walt's territory, but since we are approaching Epiphany, I'm going to talk about making galette des rois.

 Baking in Big Berta.

Well, sort of. I'm going to tell you how to make a quick and easy version, that, although it won't be in the same league as Walt's and your local pâtissière's, is still a very acceptable addition to the post-Christmas table -- and the real thing is getting very expensive, so homemade is an economical option!

Just out of the oven.
First, make a batch of Delia's quick flaky pastry. Then make a batch of Clotilde Dusoulier's crème d'amandes.

 Cut so you can see the filling.

Cut the lump of pastry in half and roll each half out until you can cut out a 25 cm circle from each. Spread one pastry circle with the almond filling up to a few centimetres from the edge. If you have a ceramic fêve, now is the moment to drop it in. Brush the bare pastry edge with egg wash, then lower the second pastry circle on top and seal well. Brush the top with more egg and bake for 25 minutes at 220°C.


  1. Cor...
    that looks 'reallyscrummy'!
    Bleedin' good job that no one's yet come up with a new version of DOS#!!
    And it looks fairly easy to do, too!

    You wrote:
    " If you have a ceramic fêve, now is the moment to drop it in"...
    or you could just use a Broad Bean and go back to tradition!!?
    Bit safer on the old Gnashers, wot!!?

    [#digitized olfactory senders]...

  2. can u buy frozen puff pastry? that would make it almost too easy

  3. So who is the king or queen ? :-)

  4. Melinda: you can get it from the chiller cabinet, but I don't like it. The fat is often rancid.

    Beaver: ahem...I forgot to put the feve in -- that's why there's no photo of it peaking out.

  5. Good job! I bet it still tastes delicious, quick way or not. Happy new year!

  6. It's quite amazing how the price of the galette has gone up in recent years. We had our first one yesterday, bought in Montrichard by visiting cousins. It was very good but traditional crème d'amande, much the same colour and texture as yours. I remember making one years ago but my kids didn't like it but I shall give your recipe a try!

  7. Just wanted to add that the bakery in Montrichard with the delicious galette is the boulangerie du donjon.

  8. Nadege: Happy new year to you too!

    Fraussie: Do try it. I'll be interested to see what you and J-M think. You can use the creme d'amande mix for making homemade croissants aux amandes too.

  9. I had that once in Ottawa. almond filling sounds nice. can't remember what kind it was here.

  10. Pearl: yes, I love real almond anything -- essence not so much.

  11. The Delia web site has been restructured, the quick flaky pastry recipe is now at
    Giving it a go! Pauline

  12. Pauline: Thanks. You'll be getting it for dinner on Wednesday too.

  13. I've already made the almoond cream, so there's no stopping me now! P.

  14. Pauline: Oh well, you can't have too much galette de roi! Maybe I'll surprise you with something else on Wednesday though -- we'll see :-)

  15. " Maybe I'll surprise you with something else"...
    and some galette too, svp! Tim

    It is in the oven and rising already...

  16. Tim: Hope it comes out well!