Thursday, 31 March 2011

Another Car Bourse

Last Saturday we met up with Tim and Pauline to go to the Chatellerault car bourse. This is held over the weekend, and includes an enormous exhibition hall and outside area full of car bits, and two halls full of cars: one subject based (this year a display of Renaults) and the other full of private cars for sale.

There were plenty of things to like, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Célestine looks on whilst I covet another...
The car hall - with an ID21 wagon for
sale at a very reasonable price: €5000
A Matchless motorcycle
After trawling the bourse we went and picnicked in the Parc du Verger. This is a park surrounded by a wall on the road to la Roche Posay. Like a lot of places we have visited this month, we have often driven past but never stopped before. Once again, it has been a really pleasant surprise. Not an outstanding park, but nice.



Leon Sims said...

Was it a Caravelle or a Floride.
My first "running" car was a Renault Dauphine and my brother had the Floride. I did have a non-running Traction at the time.

Simon said...

Leon: this.

nice, eh what?

Leon Sims said...

Bloody nice I say.

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