Friday, 25 March 2011

30,000 green bottles..

sitting in a cave

and if one green bottle should accidentally fall

There would still be enough for a weekend on the Fizz

We were at Chateau Gaudrelle yesterday evening, for a very pleasant evening tasting. While we were there we had a tour of the caves, where we were shown this rack of 30,000 bottles of last year's Vouvray sparkling.

Our job has all sorts of compensations!



ckb said...

What a good idea to put the gas bottle in the future pantry. It won't take up valuable kitchen space that way.

Jean said...

If you started at one end and Susan started at the other, how long would it take to drink yourselves to the middle ??

GaynorB said...

Heaven for a lover of Fizz!

Who's driving Celestine?????????

Emm said...

Technical question, sort of: Are the labels applied to the bottles before they're stored that way, or after, when they're pulled out for sale and shipment? Stored labels would get mussed up, I should imagine.
Why did I think of that? No idea, but I've never seen that many wine bottles all lined up.

Simon said...

Jean. At least a weekend, even if we invited our friends over.

Gaynor. The poor man who doesn't get to sample everythingto the fullest.

Emm. These bottles have metal tops (crown caps) still, and are undergoing second fermentation. Later the yeasty sludge will be removed, the bottles topped up, corked, "basketed" and labelled.

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