Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Watching the (Australian) Wildlife

In the (Australian) autumn of 2006 I made a long journey up from Ayers Rock to Darwin by road with my family. Here are a few photos of creatures we encountered on the way.

A territorial male dragonfly gets one up on his rivals by
perching on our car aerial.
Carnage on the bug grill (below). The front of the vehicle has a bullbar, in case we hit larger wildlife like kangaroos, and a mesh to catch the multitude of insects that get splatted whenever you drive anywhere. My evenings often included carefully picking off and identifying the many insects, especially the flies, as there was generally a good collection of lovely beeflies as well as the more ordinary stuff.

Varied Lorikeettaken at Banka Banka
Station (station = ranch in Australia)


Tim said...

Wotz that lovely butterfly almost between the spotlights!

Simon said...

Tim: It's a Lesser Wanderer Danaus petilia, closely related to the famous migrating Monarch butterflies. Susan.

Tim said...

That's why it looked familiar!

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