Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pick up Sticks

A few weeks ago we encountered a crew picking up tree trunks from the side of a country lane. The poplar trees were stacked in a neat pile on the grass and a crew with two big trucks had arrived to load them up and take them away.

Poplar is widely grown on damp ground by water courses, planted in regimental style rows. Once harvested it is used for cheese boxes and construction. We have written about it before here.



Tim said...

These look as though they may be destined for construction as they have been felled intact for most of their height... so some nice long purlins and beams can be got from these. The wood for splitting for boxwork is more often than not taken from short, easily handled baulks and can use 'second grade' timber, as can the match industry.
The match industry also uses larch.

The comment on the other entry about planting for the wedding also applys to the sons... only here it is either sold to pay for a house, or used in the construction of the same. It all is helped by the fact that poplar takes around 21 to 22 years to reach the end of maximum growth per year [after which the tree expands very little and gains little height].

Amanda said...

I have always heard that poplars are planted to protect crops from winds.

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