Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Glimpses 16

There is an awful lot to like about this little house in Loches: from the dinky little tower to the decorative brickwork on the chimney, the place is a gem.



  1. I always wanted a house with a turret. Do you think we could fit one in somewhere?.........

  2. We did too - then we bought this place..... and discovered it did (and still does) have a turret, just that you couldnt see it.

    A small turret like that one wouldn't be a problem, surely...

  3. That turret would certainly fit over the apéro terrace, Simon.... but Jean wouldn't be allowed one... not in 'keeping'... and her house is overlooked from on high!!

    WV is 'pressith'... what you suffer from if you can't get to Grand or Petit Pressigny enough.... Damn... to much reading of the "Meaning of Liff"