Saturday 12 March 2011

The Annual Coucou

It's that time of year again!!!!

For the fifth year running, our "first coucou of spring" photo. This was taken yesterday, and although the flower hasn't fully emerged, it IS a cowslip, and it IS out!

Local wisdom has it that we should hear the first coucou (bird) at the same time. So far we haven't, but there have been reports.



wcs said...

I haven't noticed any cowslips flower stalks in the vineyard yet. I'll take a closer look on my next walk. And it's funny, I was just thinking this morning that we could hear the first coucou any time now. I still haven't, but I'm listening!

Amanda said...

I love coucous (bird and flowers)!

chm said...

Hi Nadège,
Did you know the Roadrunners belong to the Coucou family? Unlike their European cousins they lay their eggs in their own nest. Actually, I have a pair feeding their little ones right now in one of my palm trees.

Unfortunately, no Cowslip here in the desert!

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