Sunday, 6 March 2011

Why Travel by Train?

So that SNCF can continue making ads like this!

Rock on!

Spring really seems to be here now - yesterday was sunny and warm, so we went to the potager and I planted onion and peas. I have no idea why I planted peas, because I actually prefer frozen ones. While I was there I took the opportunity to tie up the boysenberry bushes and check on the broad beans I planted two weeks ago but so far no action on the bean front. I also planted some tomato, aubergine and pepper seeds in the cold frame at home. Last year this produced no results (we had plants but no produce) but this year I am hoping to do better.

I still don't get what people see in gardening...



Diane said...

Not sure what I 'see' in gardening but when I get a crop of vegetables like I did last year it makes me feel good. We are still eating last years potatoes and pumpkins which stored so well. Also still have some beans and ratatouille in the freezer. I have bought few vegetables this winter in the UK. Diane

Jean said...

Simon, I think it's the "triumph of hope over experience thing" - gardeners always think that this year will be the year that they defeat the bugs, the weather, the rabbits.......etc !!

word verification is "untiums" - sounds like an exotic root vegetable !!

Tim said...

Simon... the gardening is a cheap way of going to the gym! And if it is vegetable gardening... you get to eat the results.
Also... if you grow your own, you know your own... what side effects are there from the chemicals that the French seem to put on every spud to stop it germinating... possibly none... but if you grow Pink Fir Apple, they won't even have thought about germinating yet... and they are very thin skinned so no need to peel... just wash and steam... efficient cooking!!

"Efficiency is just organized laziness" Anon.

WV is Proozil... the latest anti-depressant [although this current run of sunshine is free and has no side effects!]

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