Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Discovery in Chambray

Yesterday being Monday, it was "looking at kitchens day". (Today is Tuesday, but still "looking at kitchens day", so no pattern can be discerned yet). Yesterday we visited Mobalpa and SoCoo'c, and today we have appointments with Lapeyre and Schmidt. Next week we have to make a decision.

Last Monday when we were looking at kitchens we discovered a restaurant at Candé, but as yesterday's weather was so good we took a picnic and we tried a spot I had noticed on Google maps.

I was amazed and amused by
the climbing wall
It is amazing to think that a place as quiet as Lac des Peupleraies can exist so close to the shopping hell that is the Route Nationale at Chambray-lès-Tours. Even though it is hemmed in by an Autoroute, a TGV line and the Route Nationale (and on the flightpath to Tours airport) you could almost believe you were in the country.



chm said...

Hi Simon,
Could you say it is hemmed in by power-lines on top? I wonder if it is safe for children to climb that wall/tower?

Keir said...

Good luck with the kitchen choices. We put in a Mobalpa kitchen last year, using the franchise store in Chambray-les-Tours. I'd be happy to share my experience with you and Susan.

Simon said...

Charles-Henri. The wires look closer than they actually are. Either that or it's the Electric Tarzan option :)

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