Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Journées Nationales des Métiers d'Art

This coming weekend is the Journées Nationales des Métiers d'Art.

When Susan and I were at Retromobile last year we saw a stand for a car restoration place in Veigné, a place we travel through often. We were amazed, because the only place we could think of in Veigné is a tin shed on a roundabout. Admittedly we had seen the occasional Jaguar outside, but that was it. That isn't the car workshop this post relates to though - it is one we have never notice before, here.

The cars on their stand told another story:

A Delage
and an Hispano Suiza
Even more amazing, when we got home I did some research and found this amazing video. Yes, it's in French, but look at those cars.:

By my estimation, for the price of any one of those cars you could buy half the town of Veigné. So next Saturday, we are off to Veigné (maybe in Célestine) to have a look at their workshop.

This isn't the only event on, there is chocolate making, piano restorers, potters, ebonistes (furniture makers) and a whole lot more. The website is here.


(I have corrected my spelling of Veigné, thanks Ken!)


Ken Broadhurst said...

I was confused because I had never heard of Veigne. Then I looked at Google maps and realized it's Veigné. Ah. I've driven through there many times.

chm said...

LOL Simon,
I thought I learned a new word in English and of course it made sense. Ebonistes, even though the ending looked French. Those people work with ebony, don't they?

In fact, the French work with ébène and that makes them ébénistes.

Simon said...

chm. I can't even find where I think I copied it from to see if the mistake is mine or theirs. I suspect I know the answer... My only defence is a lack of sleep.

If I had read the pamphlet better, I would have added "pressing" to the list!!

Tim said...

Nice post. Enjoyed watching the video.... there's a man who really enjoys his work!

Amanda said...

I couldn't open the video yesterday. I am so glad that so many people (artists really) still have proud and passion in their work.

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