Friday, 10 September 2010

Two Men, Two Ladders

I mentioned that I was looking forward to putting placo on the upper reaches of the bathroom ceiling. This is why.

This is where we are up to now: it's time to start panelling and insulating the north facing ceiling and the landing at the top of the stairs. The room is a lot lighter than it was, and I am starting to worry that we may have over-specified the lighting. As long as I can tone it all down to a mystic glow once I am in the bath I will be happy. Maybe we have to buy some ex-ecclesiastical candle stands.



Leon Sims said...

Simon & Susan,
I'm not sure which I'm so impressed with, your renovations or blogger expertise. I need to learn how to add movies.
Love the renos and promise to check out the results in 2012 on our return for Sue's 60th.

Simon said...


You're too kind. Loading the video almost didn't happen, Blogger was playing up.

We look forwards to seeing you in '12

Tim said...

Congratulations to Stephane and Simon... I don't know which of you was the most uncomfortable... but I'd guess you, Simon, as you were hanging over the beam to lift your end... I couldn't hear any blue language... or was the music selected to drown that?

Magical word is restee... probably well deserved.

Take time out this weekend to visit the Tomato Day at La Bourdasiere

Susan said...

Tim: The video has been cut so much it makes the process look easy, but there was no swearing. Altogether a very impressive feat. And the only person who was injured was me, when a spare piece of placo fell on my leg (I was on the floor operating the hoist, handing tools up and taking the video all at the same time).

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