Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunflower Harvest

One of the last harvests of the year is the sunflower harvest.

I commented a couple of months ago how sunflowers seem to the the fashionable crop this year and that the even fields above Preuilly, which are normally wheat, are planted with Sunflowers.

Yesterday they started to harvest, and continued long into the night. This is to take advantage of a week of good weather which we are now promised: a couple of days ago the forecast was for continual rain and overcast days, now the prediction is for five or six days of mid 20s and clear skies.

This photo was taken 10 minutes ago. They will start up
again at about 10.00, once the dew has burnt off.
Of course, they will stop for a two hour lunch, and quiet will descend over town, but apart from that, from now until midnight it will be the sound of harvesters.

I love living in the country!


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wcs said...

At our place it's the grape harvesters that we hear. Same hours. But they haven't started yet. Something to look forward to!

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