Saturday, 11 September 2010

Random Châteaux Pics

Last month my brother visited with various members of his family. While they were here we showed them some of the delights the area holds. Of course, that meant visiting some châteaux.

The first châteaux we didn't visit, having been there only a few weeks earlier. Instead, we viewed the châteaux of Chauvigny (there's five of them) while we rode on the Velorail.

The second chateaux is Montresor. We have been here many times, but I don't think we have ever posted photos of the old part of the château. Built by the man who seems to have built every château in this area, the quite possibly psychotic Foulques (Fulk or Fulkes) Nerra. You can read about him here, if you dare.

The third château is that Loire Valley classic, Chenonceau. This is a detail of the roof from the other side of the river, looking downstream

Next week we visit Loches and Chinon châteaux, so these won't be the last château photos for the month.



Louise said...

Thanks for reminding me of a trip I had a couple of years ago which was so similar to yours. Wonderful memories. Greetings from Perth, where our weather seems to be mirroring yours.

chm said...

That Vélorail thing seems to be such a good idea. If I were just a tad younger I'd love to try it!

Simon said...

chm. If only you knew two younger men who could pedal for you!

Louise: your're welcome. We look like we're going to have the best bit of our summer the next week or so.

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