Monday 13 September 2010

A Time Machine

In a previous life (when I wasn't being a rock and roll star or a teacher) I used to fix photos for people: give me a rubbish old photo with bits missing and I can make it sparkle again. I still occasionally play around with Photoshop, but now I am more likely to work photos the other way.

For instance, take my uncle and aunt posing with Célestine in 2010and then timeshift it.

Yesterday I said "This is to take advantage of a week of good weather which we are now promised: a couple of days ago the forecast was for continual rain and overcast days, now the prediction is for five or six days of mid 20s and clear skies."

I was wrong. 20 minutes after writing that it started to rain - gently - but rain none the less. At the time Meteo de France said it was sunny. It didn't get sunny until about 17.00 yesterday evening.



Tim said...

Nice Phottyshop work, Simon, nice!

Diogenes said...

Great pictures - they look like the lord and lady of the manor. The time shifted version looks almost like a 1960s polaroid.

By the way, I liked that Cream video the other day.

Simon said...

Tim thanks. I realised I needed to sort out the shadows, but only after it was posted (maybe I shouldn't have said that, probably no-one would have noticed)

Diogenes. The working title was "polaroid". I don't have any polaroids from that period with me France, so I had to try remember the way they faded. I think I got it right...

I love cream - Susan and I saw then at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2005

Leon Sims said...

What is new, is old again. Yes I know the saying is the other way around but in this case its right. A fine job Simon.

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