Saturday, 4 September 2010

"La Main Jaune"

The Yellow Hand is a 24 metre long, 40 tonne sculpture. We first saw it in a field behind a hardware shop in Chatellerault, dismantled and lying on the ground. We were intrigued, because although there was a works sign there was no indication of what it was for.

A mystery in a field
Last weekend we were in Chatellerault buying hardware, and happened upon the sculpture again, this time being erected in the middle of a rond-point (roundabout) where the autoroute A10 exit for Chatellerault is.

Apparently work was help up for over two years while the structure was strengthened and insurance matters were sorted out, but now it is nearing completion.

Now all the roundabouts on the Chatellerault bypass have items of interest on them - roundabouts on city bypasses are frequently landscaped; some quite bizarrely, but often the decoration relates to local culture or legend. We will have to do a photo set one day.



Pollygarter said...

The cars are all design classics - 2CV, VW beetle, Mini, Fiat 500, but which of the other two cars at the base is going in that vacant slot, and why the rugby ball?

Simon said...

I think it's supposed to be an egg, and the cars are probably supposed to be in chronological order.

It wont be long until we are back on that road again, so it won't be a long term mystery.

Tim said...

It will be until they get the car fitted to the last two bolts!!
I've looked at the pictures of the model version.... but the shape still eludes me.... I don't tend to look down on cars too often!!

Unknown said...

Oy. Tax-payer money at work.

Susan said...

Tammy: I'm not sure that it is, at least, not entirely. There is a big list of commercial sponsors for this work.

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