Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Our Garden, Yesterday

I am really pleased with our back garden. We have been doing some little stuff in there (just to fill in time because we're not at all bust at the moment...) such as weeding, mowing the lawn, and moving the concrete laundry tub out of the middle of the garden to under the garden tap.

Last time we wrote at any length about
the back garden we had got it to this stage.Now it looks like this
As you can see, even in September it is a lovely place to sit and read. Except for midday during a couple of days at the very height of summer the apéro terrasse is nicely shaded. Being Australian (and therefore sun-adverse) that suits us nicely.

All this means that the garden has gone from looking like this in May 2006...
to looking like this in Mid December 2009...

to looking like this yesterday morning.
I keep wandering out there, just to marvel at how these plans have come together in time for us to use it before the cooler weather arrives.



  1. I'm enjoying this journey with you guys.

  2. Quite a wonderful transformation from the overgrown 2006 photo. What is the giant shrub/tree/vine with white flowers in 2006?

    What also stands out is the new and imporved roof.

  3. Diogenes, I think the shrub with white flowers was an elderberry. It is very common in France. Susan will correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. chm. You stand, uncorrected. it was/is (it still sends the occasional shoot) and Elder tree.