Thursday, 9 September 2010

Anyone for Tennis?

At the beginning of this year the town council decided that the municipal tennis courts needed upgrading. I seem to remember that this caused some controversy at the time, maybe as the winning tender was significantly lower than all the others.

In June work started, and now the tennis courts look splendid. There are two courts (as can be seen in the photo below), court 1 being reserved for tennis club members, whilst court 2 is available for hire at €7 an hour.

To hire court 2 you call in to l'Esperance, and after you have proved your identity and paid, they will let you have the key. To join the tennis club and play on court 1 you need to provide a medical certificate(!). I wonder how you get fit enough to join the tennis club though?

While you look at the photos, some music.



Tony Morris said...

I haven't got this track! It wasn't on the first pressing of "Goodbye", but added later.

Simon said...

Tony: does that mean you were too serious to buy singles?

Pollygarter said...

Particularly with Pressed Rat & Warthog on the flipside. There's a copy somewhere in our barn.

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