Sunday, 26 September 2010


We haven't been writing much about the works on the house over the past couple of weeks. This is because insulating is not intrinsically exciting (or even for the most part even marginally interesting).

However, we have almost finished the attic, which now has 95% of its insulation in place and just awaits the wall for the big sliding doors, and we have insulated above the guest bedroom and en-suite bathroom. This entailed first closing off the eaves, which we did with a vertical soffit (or, if you like, a fascia that fits under the eaves) and replacing some of the less than secure brickwork at the end of the attic. The staircase tower is mostly insulated, and we hope to be totally closing the insulation in the roof by the middle of next week.

The roofspace before we started. Now
there is no daylight at all up there.
The space is insulated, in what Susan
describes as looking like a "big fluffy duvet"

The top of the stairs
The only other thing of note we have done recently is going to Paulmy to see Shanna Waterstown sing, and Susan did lots (and lots) of fruit works: stewed fruit, jellies and sauces. She also made the occasional pudding.


*Older readers from the UK may recognise this


GaynorB said...

I suppose you could say that "that was the week that was" in Preuilly sur Claise".
Older readers indeed, thanks very much!!

Simon said...

Gaynor - you're like me and only know it from history of TV programs, of course.

GaynorB said...

If only.....

chm said...

Like your new banner very much. Looks more like Provence than Touraine du Sud.

I am an older reader for sure, but not from the UK. So it's lost on me! LOL

Jean said...

We're sorry to have missed the musical evening in Paulmy - delayed from earlier in the year.

Susan's puddings sound interesting, though. Will we be getting some recipes? The clafoutis one was super and now famous !!

Diogenes said...

I like the thought for the week: "He who lives without folly isn't so wise as he thinks..."

I don't know what kind of heating or cooling you have, but the insulation will cut your gas/electric bills, no doubt.

We are moving to LA in two weeks - I will wave to chm as we pass the Salton Sea (which you can see from the I-10 hill outside Indio).

Susan said...

Jean: Try some clafoutis variations eg chocolate pear and walnut (add a good heaped tbsp of cocoa and a dash more milk to the batter, scatter pear chunks and walnut bits over; or the basic batter with apple chunks plus sultanas if you like and a dusting of cinnamon.

Diogenes: good luck with the move.

We have no cooling, and a wood stove to heat. We think the insulation is already showing the benefit, and it's not finished yet.

chm said...

Diogenes, right now I'm in Virginia, but I'll be in Salton City next week so I'll wave back.

Good luck with the move. I don't know where you lived in Arizona, but, in my opinion, moving from Phoenix to LA makes me think of the legendary Charybdis and Scylla or, as we say in French, "tomber de Charybde en Scylla" or vice versa.

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