Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Slated in Azay le Rideau

We returned to Azay le Rideau a couple of weeks ago, and I was struck by how much slate there is in town.

As in Preuilly sur Claise, in Azay slate tends to be used on the roofs of older building that have been "upgraded" some time in the past or on relatively recent buildings. However, unlike Preuilly, in Azay it is also used on huge swathes of walls.

I can think of only one building in Preuilly sur Claise that has a slate wall, and ironically that is a building with a really abimé tile roof.



Diogenes said...

That last picture is incredible. It looks like the roof has run amok...like a one-story building with a three-story roof. I'm not a fan. I guess slate just says "roof" to me.

What ever happened to lovely green patinated copper roofs?

Simon said...

It's not to my tastes either - I think they must have demolished the building next to it, then embarked on thrying a minimalist (cubist?) look

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