Monday, 5 July 2010

Wire in the Sky*

I was walking up our street the other day and noticed the electricity/telephone wires strung off the front of the quite elegant buildings, and wondered why we can't have underground services like the people who live up by the chateau do.

Mind you, we do have some way to go before we can rival the usual scene in Seoul!


*This goes with that.

Dad Update: Dad is home. He has been in hospital for 18 days, so no doubt he will enjoy the novelty of sitting out on the verandah over the next couple of days.


The Beaver said...


Since you are a musician, "smoke on the Biwa" :-)

The Beaver said...

sorry I forgot the video clip:

Amanda said...

I am sure it is a huge relieve to know your Dad is home, feeling better. In my neighborhood, and few other area we have underground wiring but city hall would love to have the whole city of Manhattan Beach done which is extremely expensive (from $60,000 to $ $80,000) per house. They would like to have people pay in one lump sum or over 20 years. For some people who have lived here forever and on a fixed income, it is madness. But I have to say that those electric poles are pretty horrible to look at and dangerous in earthquake country.

Diogenes said...

For a split second, as I scrolled down the page, I thought the second picture was of your hamlet. Then I realized it was Seoul. If your were a repairman there, how would you ever know which wire goes where?

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