Tuesday 27 July 2010

Harvest Time

For those farmers who have grown wheat this year it is harvest time, and they are very busy. Wherever you are in the area you can't escape the sound of harvesters at work or the occasional slow moving tractor towing a trailer full of grain.

Fields of wheat that a week ago rippled
as the wind blew now have very natty stripes

Saturday afternoon and the silo at the grain
co-op has a line of waiting customers

Even in the middle of town you could get stuck
behind a tractor. This is the view on Saturday evening
from the terasse at the hotel restaurant l'Image

At the moment all the farmers with grain are hoping the rain will stay away until the harvest is in, while those with sunflowers and maize are hoping for rain - and soon. I wonder if many farmers have both crops in?


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Diane said...

They say farmers are never happy with the weather, stands to reason this is the case if they all grow different crops:) Diane

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