Tuesday 20 July 2010

The Ceiling of St Savin

The first time we visited St Savin the ceiling was scaffolded and the painting was being restored. On subsequent visits the scaffolding was up, but in different places, until last year, where the painting was revealed in all its glory.

Last Saturday we visited and I took a couple of photos which I have stitched together, so here it is, fully resstored. Warning though - it's a biggie! (click on the picture below, then click on the picture when it opens in a new window, and it will appear bigger than fullscreen)



Diane said...

It is quite beautiful. It is good that restoration is being done through out France. Diane

Diogenes said...

How old is St. Savin? Is it Romanesque?

The frescoes are beautiful and it is good that they did not "over restore" them.

wcs said...

Very cool.

Susan said...

Diogenes: What you see is 11-12thC, so yes, Romanesque.

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