Sunday, 18 July 2010

Agnes Sorel

No - not the person, but the restaurant.

We have often driven past the restaurant, which is in Genillé, and commented that Célestine would look good parked outside. Last Thursday we decided to actually stop (rather than driving past then reminding ourselves that next time...) and take a photo.

While we were there, Nicolas (the owner) came out and chatted to Susan. He and his wife have only quite recently taken over the restaurant, after working in England for 10 months, and although we have not yet eaten there we are hearing very good things about them.



  1. As the years roll on, Celestine will introduce you to many interesting people. Tractions have that social talent.

  2. This was for a while my husband's favorite village and we always hoped to eat at the Agnes Sorel but never managed it. I hope it was delicious.

  3. Oh, I see you didn't eat there. Okay then, I hope your eventual meal there will be delicious.

  4. Great shot! We've eaten there a couple of times many years ago, and it was very good. But not since the new owners took over (I didn't know about that!).

  5. The menu or carte at the Agnès Sorel was always very complicated. There were many supplements on many of the dishes featured on all parts of the menu. You never knew what the meal was going to cost (and it could get pretty expensive). The food was good, however. I hope the new owners have simplified the offerings.

  6. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Agnes Sorel with wcs and Ken -- very tasty. I remember that Ken had duck a l'orange, but darned if I can remember what I had.