Thursday 1 July 2010

Things to Look Out for Around Preuilly in July

Serious cyclists: The Tour de France is on in July. Fired up by this, all the local teams will also be out enthusiastically practising in groups of 5 - 10, urged on by their coach. Motorists respect them and give them a comfortable space.

Fields of sunflowers: Lots of opportunities for classic French countryside photos.

Convoi Agricole: Sometimes Convoi Exceptionnel. It's harvest time in the French countryside. Chill and enjoy the scenery (and freshly cut hay smells) at 70km / hour or less with an enormous tractor or a truck loaded with harvesting machinery bouncing along in front of you.


Happy Birthday JB


Diane said...
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Diane said...

Just seen your post. I have just been writing a post about the TDF, we are keen followers. I will post it later today.

I could not agree more keep clear of cyclists on the road, give them a break, they travel much faster than some people seem to think!

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