Friday, 9 July 2010

Four Glimpses

A follow up from this.

It can't be long now - life for both parents seems solely about feeding the babies, and I have seen the little ones standing on the beam the nest is built on, and flapping their wings. Their first flight could be very difficult as the closest daylight is a "window" covered by chicken wire, and the floor of the granary is still completely covered in building materials.

I wrote the above on Wednesday: yesterday morning I walked into the granary and it was silent, and the nest empty. All except for one tardy soul who had made it to the next beam and was peeping pathetically. A couple of hours he was still in the granary, with mummy sitting on an onion box outside and making encouraging noises.

It's big and scarey out there...



Diane said...

Hope the last one made it out. Nature is amazing. Diane

Simon said...


All is quiet and there are no distressed adults around, so we assume that the last one made it through the obsticle course

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