Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sunflower Season

At the moment as you drive around the Touraine (and I suspect many other French regions as well) you will see a lot of sunflowers. This year it appears that sunflowers are the crop of choice: even the field above Preuilly (which is usually planted with wheat) has sunflowers this year.

On Thursday we visited Montpoupon with Elizabeth and Vic and spent quite a bit of time driving through field after field of sunflower. This isn't a hardship, as they have such a sunny disposition.



  1. Sunny disposition....
    Who, Elizabeth and Vic?
    Classic pic Simon, nice.

  2. Very nice new header photo, Simon. Classy.
    The sunflowers are beautiful, too.

  3. Célestine stands out beautifully against that 'sunny flowery' background'. She really is a very classy lady! Martine

  4. I've noticed that there seem to be more sunflowers than usual up our way, too. Nice shots!

  5. Out cycling yesterday, I spent more time stopping to take photos of the sunflowers! Diane

  6. Tim: Elizabeth is Simon's sister and Vic is her husband.