Sunday 16 May 2010

A New Window Sill

The masons have been gone for 3 weeks now, but we still have the dust to remember them by. While we are doing so much work on the house it hardly seems worthwhile trying to clean away any dust - you know you will just be making more dust tomorrow.

One of the little jobs we had done while the masons were here was replacing the window sill to our bedroom. When we bought the house the sill was cracked and unstable, so while M. Douady was here building the chimney we had him remove the loose piece.

The remains of the sill, January this year

Removing the remains of the sill

Don't try this at home, kids.*



* the roofers did a similar thing


Ken Broadhurst said...

We have the same attitude toward dust these days. We know sanding will be going on upstairs soon, so what's the point of cleaning up now. Just revel in it.

Simon said...

Ken - I have been meaning to ask: how has your hayfever reacted to all the dust? I have had real problems with the stone dust, less with the plaster dust, but the dust from where I have sanded the bathroom floor really set me off.

Jean said...

That looks much better !

I have great problems with dust, too. Plaster dust makes my skin itch within minutes of the work starting. My hands turn into sandpaper themselves and I sneeze furiously. So I sympathise with you, Simon.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I sympathize too, but plaster dust is not the main culprit behind my allergies. So far so good, as far as I'm concerned. But the real sanding hasn't started yet.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan and Simon,

Your quilting friends in Toowoomba are all talking about the excellent article in the Sat, Tmba Chronicle. Well done, you two. Margie Creek

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