Sunday 2 May 2010

End of April Orchid Update

By the end of April there were at least 6 orchid species flowering in the Claise Valley, including two in our orchard.

Not flowering yet, but it won't be long for this Twayblade Listera ovata (Double-feuille in French) at Boussay.

A group of Early Spider Orchids Ophrys sphegodes (Ophrys araignée in French) under the cherry trees in our orchard.

The Monkey Orchids Orchis simia (Orchis singe in French) are just coming into flower on the roadsides around Boussay and Humeau.

As are the Narrow-leaved Helleborines Cephalanthera longifolia (Céphalanthère à longues feuilles in French) at Boussay.

This group of Lady Orchids Orchis purpurea (Orchis pourpre in French) growing in the semi-shade is visible by peering over the château wall at Boussay. We've got them growing in our orchard too, but you can also see them on roadside banks near Preuilly.

The impossibly discreet little Fly Orchids Ophrys insectifera (Ophrys mouche in French), with flowers like tiny purple velvet pyjama suits, hidden in the grass at Boussay.

This colony of Early Purple Orchids Orchis mascula (Orchis mâle in French) on the roadside at Humeau is always very variable in colour, ranging from magenta to white, and many of the plants have unspotted leaves.

An almost chlorophyll free root parasite, theViolet Limodore Limodorum abortivum (Limodore à feuilles avortées in French) pushing up through the soil near le Grand Pressigny like a sombre asparagus spear. (Thanks to Tim for the tip-off about this site.)



Tim said...

Great capture of the Limodore... just wait until they are out fully next week.
Looks like you had a good day at Boussay, too!

Susan said...

Tim: In my experience they often don't open fully (v. frustrating!) and with this cool weather that is what I am expecting to happen. Grr.

lejardindelucie said...

Bravo et merci pour cette présentation des orchidées de votre région ! Je suis allée voir votre second site et les fiches consacrées aux orchidées sont passionnantes! La vallée de la Loiire est vraiment une zone très riche!
Je suis aussi désolée du mauvais temps que nous avons car les fleurs ne s'épanouissent pas bien !
Bonne continuation dans vos observations !

Susan said...

Lucie: c'est glaciale ici à l'instant, mais je crois que vous avez le neige !

Le val de la Loire est bien pour les orchidées, mais le bassin de la Claise tourangelle est le meilleurs de tout dans le 37. Par bonne fortune, Preuilly est au milieu.

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