Wednesday 26 May 2010

Flagada !

Thanks to Martine we know a new word - flagada...

...and thanks to spending the day picking up 32 sheets of placoplâtre, 40 chevrons, 2 rolls of laine de verre, assorted rails, fourrures, montants and suspentes, several sorts of paint and a couple of storage crates from BricoDepôt, then offloading the same at home, we feel we can now demonstrate the meaning of this word with confidence.

All this materiaux will be going into our new kitchen.



ladybird said...

Hi Susan, Have you found a suitable English equivalent yet for the word 'flagada', as it means more than just feeling physically exhausted? :)) Martine

Simon said...

Martine: the dictionary definition translates as 'having lost all vigour'. I think the English equivalent is probably 'knackered'. I think both words include reaching mental as well as physical limits.

Susan (signed in as Simon, but can't be bothered changing it)

Unknown said...

I associate limpness with flagada too. As in " The petunias are flagada - I"d better water them."
Or " Two hundred steps up this tower - my legs are flagada."

Spagetti-legs is a term used by mothers to describe reluctant toddlers. Perhaps flagada is used in France.

Bon courage for your kitchen. You really are forging ahead.

Tim said...

Zwedelbob... and I'm none the wiser

Tim said...

Actuwoolly... Harrap Shorter gives the translation "washed out, all in and dead beat" Which is what we is having packed books all day!

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