Wednesday 12 May 2010

Twelve Months

That's how long we have been living in France.

Célestine in the autumn.
As this blog entry appears it will be twelve months exactly since we were driving through Rouen on the way to our new home. The only thing I can remember of the drive is worrying about not being in Preuilly when the removal truck arrived with our belongings. The rest is a blur, as is much of the twelve months since. Since then we have learned an awful lot, most of which we have reported in these pages.

The list of fruit trees we were given when we bought
the orchard.
There have been many highlights: the staircase, the chimney, our new back door, and of course Célestine. We are also making new friends, and are developing quite a social life: something which will develop even more once more of the house is habitable and we can find the dining table again.

A crab spider takes a bumblebee in the Icelandic poppies.
Susan is really enjoying having three gardens to play with, and this year hopes to provide most of our fruit and vegetables as well as a pretty garden for us to look at from the apéro terrasse. I am finding project managing the restoration of the house interesting, if challenging and confusing, and the work is starting to show some real results.

A pâtisserie.
We are starting to get some work with the guided tours: Susan is leading a private group on an orchid walk tomorrow afternoon, and we have some work lined up with Célestine, as well. Fitting in earning an income has had to drop down the list of priorities somewhat for this first year though!

Rabbits and chickens at a country fair.
Susan & Simon


Jean said...

Happy anniversary !!
Congratulations to you both. You have acheived a lot in the last year.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

Stay calm and carry on.

Leon Sims said...

Having met you guys and enjoyed your company makes your blog more real. Maybe in a couple of years we can revisit and see first hand the improvements in the Villa.
Enjoy life.
Leon and Sue

chm said...

Happy anniversary! Glad to see all these good things coming up to you. Also, keep up the good work.

I wish I could be part of that orchid walk tomorrow. I'll learn how it went on your blog.

Tomorrow is the last of the three "saints de glace"; so I hope it will be sunny and pleasant.

Carolyn said...

Congratulations on your first year. It's been eventful. The fact that it's been a learning experience for you makes your blog that much more interesting.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Congratulations on a successful first year in Preuilly!

We are going to be celebrating our anniversary here too.

The work upstairs continues. Today we have had an electrician and a plumber in, in addition to the regular plasterboard guy. It's been noisy.

Diogenes said...

Celestine is really beautiful! I'm learning quite a bit from your wonderful blog, and enjoy reading it, as my partner and I are contemplating a move to France when we are closer to retirement.

Amanda said...

I have only subscribed to your blog recently and should go back to read the beginning of your adventures in France but I think that are doing very well.
The "Preuillois" should be very happy to have you as neighbours.

Emm said...

Congratulations on the first of many happy years.

A question: How did you happen to move to Preuilly-sur-Claise? Did you know the town or area, or was it happenstance, like throwing a dart at the map of France?

Simon said...

Thanks for the comments - we are feeling pretty pleased about the whole thing ¬:) Anyone who has visited us before should notice some differences, thats for sure

Emm: This might help.

We are keeping calm - and carrying on.
Nadege: It's more complicated that that! Prulliacien(ne)s.

The Beaver said...

One year has gone by so fast for us , your readers. Wish both of you many fruitful ( yes pun intended) and successful endeavours in the coming years :-)


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