Sunday 30 May 2010

Steve Lives !

Remember poor old Steve the Siberian Iris, who sadly did not make the transition between London and Preuilly?

Well, strictly speaking, he was Son of Steve, having been divided from the parent plant sometime earlier. Steve Senior actually arrived slightly later, and is clearly loving it here. The photograph doesn't do him justice. He is actually a much deeper, richer purple, not this bright royal blue.

Since announcing Son of Steve's death, I have very kindly been given Siberian Iris divisions from the gardens of two friends, Jill and Nicole, so I am looking forward to seeing them flower too, and Steve will enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry I'm sure.



Diogenes said...

Susan, thanks for this post. I love to garden and did not know there was such a thing as Siberian Iris. I don't know that I've seen them in the stores here (US). How are they different, growing wise, from regular bearded iris?

Susan said...

Diogenes: They won't cope with being quite so dry, but will take a bit more wet (although not too much). Otherwise, much the same - they like warmth and light.

Emm said...

Irises (irisi?) are such beautiful, dramatic flowers and some of my favorites. Your pictures of them in the earlier post (RIP Steve) are lovely.

Susan said...

Emm: Thank you. I love irises, and it's a real pleasure to live somewhere that they thrive at last.

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